"The Packer Sweep"

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"The Packer Sweep"

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W: 25" 3/4 and H: 19"

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Watercolor Lithograph of "The Packer Sweep"

Internationally acclaimed artist, Malcolm Farley. Malcolm is renowned for his visions of color and unique ability to capture the moment ,the action, and the spirit of the event. In his distinctive painting style, Malcolm blends bold strokes of color with the drama of some of the world’s most memorable moments in time.

Malcolm started painting at the age of eight. Particularly fascinated with the energetic drive and aura of athletes, Malcolm Farley, an “all-everything athlete himself ”cut his teeth painting the world’s greatest baseball, tennis, football, and hockey stars.

In his formidable years, he traveled the world with his family; gaining cultural perspectives while “putting in time” during his junior high years at 9500 feet in Northern India and other global ports. Later, as a scholarship athlete, he learned to combine his athletic talents and his passion for art, to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State College in Denver. After receiving various collegiate awards ,Malcolm chose the path of the commercial artist, becoming a connoisseur of many styles. It was at this time that he experimented with numerous mediums, arriving at his unique impressionistic style. Though Malcolm went to school to “fine tune” his talents , the gift of being able to see people as an extension of his brush has always been present.

For the past three decades, Malcolm has been painting beside some of the most talented and revered musicians, athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and global dignitaries known in recent history.

Not only is he recognized as America’s Artist to the Stars, he continues to gain worldwide recognition for his ever-growing portfolio of high profile events and philanthropic work. With his diverse talent, Malcolm Farley is the most sought after modern day artist to be booked into painting performances for national and international television broadcasts including: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox Sport, ESPN, NFL films, NFL network and the USA network