1950: Caught shirt in turning screw of lathe at high school. Ripped out a fist-size chuck of right side. Stitches.

1951: Accidentally shot right arm and side with double-barrel 10 gauge shot-gun. Wound required four operations, skin grafts, and plastic surgery over the next few years.

1953: Ran over sharp board while chasing calf in pasture. Seven-and-one half inch long, three-quarter inch thick splinter penetrated groin and lodged in large muscle near spine.

1954: Graduated from Sandpoint High School. Began studying at the University of Idaho.

1955: Operation from suspected chipped vertebra in neck results in "zipper" scar.

1958: Drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

1959: Vince Lombardi becomes Head Coach of the Packers.

1960: Brain concussion and detached retina suffered in game against Los Angeles Rams (surgically corrected after the season).

1961: Two bones in left ankle separated and ligaments severely strained during game against Minnesota Vikings. Packers win NFL Championship.

1962: Kicks 3 field goals and an extra point in NFL Championship game against the New York Giants. Packers win NFL Championship. 

1964: Operation for tumor on liver. Emergency colostomy. Six-and-one-half hour surgery in lower left abdominal area during which four slivers of wood (that had been lodged for eleven years) were removed. Missed the entire season.