In his penultimate season of 1967, Kramer collaborated with Dick Schaap on his first book, the best-selling Instant Replay, a diary of the season which chronicled the life of a professional football player offensive lineman. The book climaxed with Kramer's lead block in front of Bart Starr to win the "Ice Bowl" championship game. Kramer and Schaap would write two more books together. Kramer played one more year, under new head coach Phil Bengston in 1968. After that season, which saw the aging Packers fall to a losing record of 6-7-1, Kramer wrote a second book, Farewell to Football. After retiring, Kramer briefly worked as a color commentator on CBS National Football League telecasts.

In 1985, Kramer wrote Distant Replay, which updated the whereabouts of the members of the Packers' Super Bowl I championship team following a team reunion at Lambeau Field during the 1984 season.

Jerry Kramer is now living in the town of Eagle, near Boise in southwestern Idaho with his second wife, Wink, whom he married after retiring from the NFL. In October 2005, he released Inside the Locker Room a CD set that includes Vince Lombardi’s final locker room address as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, immediately after Super Bowl II. In September 2006, Kramer re-released his 1968 best seller, Instant Replay.

Kramer has 6 children (Tony, Diana, Daniel, Alicia, Matt and Jordan) and 5 grandchildren (Heidi, Stephanie, Mariah, Myles, and Charles). His youngest sons Matt and Jordan also played college football at Idaho. Jordan, named in honor of the small town in Montana, where Jerry was born, played several seasons in the NFL as a linebacker, initially with the Tennessee Titans in 2003, moving to the Atlanta Falcons in 2005.